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   ByungJoo LEE is a professional Korean photographer based in Singapore. A passion-fulfilled Korean photographer, ByungJoo LEE pursues to capture the beauty of true expressions; natural, emotional and simplistic things in one’s life. Starting his photography career since 2005, he has provided the best and most affordable photography experience in Korea, 
BJLEE wants to offer you the ‘Timeless Moments’ of your life which would simply pass you if not captured as a photography.

“Cherish every single moment of your life as memorable as your favourite movie that lasts forever in your memory”


   BJLEE do not just take photography, but also snap those precious memories of your life in time with our dear hearts and enthusiasm for you to throw back on them again. We promise to provide lasting memories with the finest quality of photography to our deserving customers.


Singapore:  BLK 118, Jurong East St. 13                        
                    Singapore (600118 )

South Korea:  LucisArt Studio, Dongsin Apt Shopping center B1,

                       30, Gwangun-ro 2na-gil, Nowon-gu, Seoul, Korea

Singapore:  +65-9114-1325

South Korea: +82-10-5336-2491

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Contact Me

T- 65-9114-1325

Kakao: BJLEE98

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